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Acknowledgements and Words from the Production
Hong Kong Virtual Idol Fanatics


Project manager (Project planning, external communication and promotion)

How far can Hoshimachi Suisei fly, and that's how far I can follow her.

Alex Ru

Financial secretary and auditor

Sui! A huge thanks to all Hoshiyomis! Without your support, we will not able to achieve this impressive result!


Organizer of offline events, Website translator

It's unimaginable to me that the celebration projects for Suisei can be so grand for two consecutive years. I hope all Hoshiyomis can enjoy this year's well-prepared events!


Manager of fanchanting materials, Organizer of offline events, Website translator

Thank you for all the participation in this project. To me, this event is truly a memorable experience. Thank you again for all your support to our team!

Other members of our team (in no particular order)
Luciella, daycold, 米米
Helpers of offline events
叉燒ChaSiu, まるこ, 雨櫻, 夜鳥
Technical support
DogWong, 小學生

Artists, designers and external supporting staff


Artist of bus and lightbox advertisements, Designer of bus advertisement

I am really glad to be invited to join this Suisei celebration project!

Reika Kirizuki

Artist of lightbox advertisements

I am very happy to be invited to join this project! I finally have the chance to draw Sui-chan whom I always want to draw. 😭 Congrats to Sui-chan for her 5th anniversary!


Artist of lightbox advertisements and fanchanting banners

Happy 5th Suisei Day! Happy 5th anniversary and happy birthday to Sui-chan!
I feel very happy to join such an important project through my artworks, and congratulating my favourite idol on her milestone. Thank you for the invitation from the production team, really appreciate your hard work!!
I really, really want to go to the metro station...!!
I also hope everyone can enjoy this event!!


Artist of lightbox advertisements and fanchanting banners

It's my honour to be invited to draw celebration artworks for Suisei's 5th anniversary! I hope Sui-chan can continue to shine and be able sing her favourite songs~


Artist of fanchanting banners

I really appreciate the invitation from the Hong Kong Virtual Idol Fanatics. Congratulation to Hoshimachi Suisei on her 5th anniversary and happy birthday to her as well. The parade shall carry on.


Artist of fanchanting banners, Designer of lightbox advertisements

From the escalator advertisements in last year's project, I am very honoured to be invited to this year's Suisei celebration project once again. Thanks for all the efforts on organizing this project!
This time, I contributed my efforts as a fanchanting banner artist and a lightbox advertisement designer, I hope my work can add to this Suisei celebration project and bring joy to all Hoshiyomis~
Sui-chan, happy 5th anniversary and happy birthday!


Artist of fanchanting banners


Artist of fanchanting banners

I am really honoured to draw the final version of Suisei's 5th anniversary fanchanting banner! Thank you for the invitation from the Hong Kong Virtual Idol Fanatics, I hope it brings a surprise to Hoshiyomis~


Designer of project logo, lightbox advertisements and fanchanting banners

I feel very honoured to join this project! Can't believe I am involved in so many different elements in this project: as small as the project logo... then to the fanchanting banners... lightbox advertisements... after that comes the MV KV and subtitling. Works come and go without pauses, and all of them are very challenging to me! However, after looking at the final product, those challenges all vanished right away! I feel really glad joining the project. At the end, I really want to thank Hinson for his leading role in the project, and also the hard work of all artists, designers and MV crews. With all of their efforts, we can now enjoy such a spectacular (?) project!! I have contributed 120% of my ability, hope everyone will like this!


Designer of social media posts and commemorative books

I am honoured to be invited to this celebration project by the production team once again. I have made a lot of new attempts on my designs, and I hope everyone will like them!


Designer of celebration website, Technical support

Happy birthday and 5th anniversary to Sui-chan!
For this year's birthday celebration website, apart from the commemorative book which is inherited from last year's project, we have added more events for everyone to join as an experiment, in which the active participation in the song voting part crashed our server (www)! I wish everyone will like this website and the events!


Assistant designer of lightbox advertisements and fanchanting goods

It is my first time joining the design part of a project. No matter it's the lightboxes, the name cards or the poker cards, I design all of them while studying and learning from other's works. I appreciate the opportunity given by the production team, and I wish happy birthday to Sui-chan!


Assistant designer of lightbox advertisements and fanchanting goods

Thanks to the production team for allowing me to participate in the design part, everyone's hard work and passion are very impressive to me!

Helper of offline events
The helpers listed above are members of the Hong Kong Virtual Idol Fanchant Information Center (HKVIFIC). HKVIFIC is a website dedicated to promoting and providing information of local VTubers fanchanting activities in Hong Kong.

MV Production Team

Tsukishima Cross

Cantonese Vocalist

Hoshimachi senpai! Happy birthday to you!
I will support you as always!
Sui-chan daisuki (;´༎ຶω༎ຶ`)—— !!!

I feel really honoured to be invited by the Hong Kong Virtual Idol Fanatics, being able to participate in this 5th anniversary and birthday celebration project of Hoshimachi Suisei senpai!
With this opportunity, I would like to thank all the staff involved for their hard work and efforts. I would also like to show my appreciation to all Hoshiyomis who have joined the crowdfunding campaign and those who are responsible for other events! I wish all of you will enjoy the Cantonese version of "Stellar Stellar".



I am YUKI! Really happy that the MV can finally be published! I would like to thank all MV crews and staff from the project team.
I feel very grateful that this valuable opportunity was given to me. From the time of receiving the offer, to the completion of MV, the whole period feels like a fulfilling dream to me. This happiness is truly an unreal experience. Although the production process was quite tough, with over 20 hours of filming and temperature below 10℃, I still treasure every second spent in the process as a precious lesson. Once again, a huge thanks to everyone. Wish everyone can stay true to themselves and be able to achieve their dreams.

Syaoran Uchiki

Cantonese Lyricist

Thank you very much for the invitation by the Hong Kong Virtual Idol Fanatics. The Cantonese lyrics are in fact completely written in last September. I tried to step in Sui-chan's shoes and feel the spirituality and freedom in nighttime, feeling confident being a shining legend (a comet/ Suisei). Throughout the production process, I also adjusted some of the lyrics based on Prince Tsukishima's voice. With her beautiful vocal and the spectacular MV, it really adds a lot to my Cantonese lyrics, and I feel very honoured for this. I appreciate the hard work contributed by all staff in the production process. I hope everyone will like the final product of this collaboration.

Kairos Huang

Director, Camera, Editor and Line producer

It is my first time being a director of a cosplay MV, and it is a big challenge for me. Thanks to the cooperation of other teams involved, we can present this "Stellar Stellar Cosplay MV" to all Hoshiyomis. I hope Hoshimachi Suisei can continue to shine in the night sky, and clear our minds with her singing!

Leung Kwok Pang

Assistant director

This "Stellar Stellar Cosplay MV", apart from being my first cosplay MV, is also my first encounter with a VTuber artist like Hoshimachi Suisei. I am really impressed by how diligent and professional the cosplayer is in performing in this MV. In the end, I wish all Hoshiyomis can enjoy watching this MV, and this video can act as a breakthrough and a new opportunity for traditional MV production.

Timothy Yu (Noodle)

Director, Camera, Editor and VFX

Although it is not my first try filming a cosplay MV, it is my first time participating in such a large-scale cosplay MV production. I hope, with this opportunity, more people will know that Hong Kong is also capable of creating cosplay videos at such a scale. I also wish this MV can arouse more creators' interest and attention to improving the quality of Hong Kong's cosplay videos.

Nam shih

Recording and mixing engineer

Thank you for the commission by the project team! I appreciate the efforts (and livers?) contributed by all staff from the project and MV production team. Happy birthday to Hoshimachi!