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Lightboxes around Hong Kong
We have invited four Hoshiyomi artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan - MIRAI, Reika Kirizuki, 弦 Esien, and RIA, to draw Sui-chan in different styles and outfits.
Type A - Illustrated by MIRAI / Designed by PoonPoon and 3S

In front of the extra attractive graffiti-style background, Sui-chan, who is wearing a blue sailor outfit with a hoodie, points her finger at the passing pedestrians. We believe nobody can move their eyes away from this beautiful Suisei! Hey, you! It's you! Let's walk with Sui-chan together!

Type B - Illustrated Reika Kirizuki / Designed by Manju

The ideas behind this daytime version of "Hoshimachi at Star Street" are for reviewing the accomplishments at Suisei's 5th anniversary and showcasing her extremely extrovert personality. We have converted a wine cellar in the background which exists in reality into a CD shop, in order to show Suisei's accomplishments - the posters of her two solo concerts and the cover images of her two albums. Standing in front of the CD shop, it's Sui-chan under the bright sunlight, happily raising a hand gesture representing the 5th anniversary. And yes, just like last year's illustration, you can visit the shop in real life, which is just on the opposite side of the Star Street sign.

Type C - Illustrated by 弦 Esien / Designed by 3S

In 2022, Hoshimachi Suisei and composer TAKU INOUE formed the music group "Midnight Grand Orchestra". Their music style is oriented on "nighttime" and "electronic music in symphonic style", creating a world of music that combines reality and virtuality. Elements of Hong Kong can be found if you carefully observe their works. We asked Esien to recreate this world through illustration - Sui-chan in a dress with her motorcycle, taking a rest in a very futuristic city. A bit different from Type A and B, we hope we can show the "cooler" side of Sui-chan through this artwork!

Type D - Illustrated by RIA / Designed by Shito

The train depicted in the artwork is in fact a real Japanese train. Although it is not the cardboard train that appeared in Hologura, with the livery colour close to Suisei blue, we, therefore, requested RIA to combine these elements together in the illustration~ The train is close to departure, are you ready to accept Suisei's invitation and take a ride on the shining trip with her?