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Stellar Stellar Fan Made Music Video / feat. Yuki (Cosplayer) & Tsukishima Cross (Vocal)

"Because I am a shining legend"

The song "Stellar Stellar", which is published in 2020, recorded how Hoshimachi Suisei evolved from being a nameless rookie idol, to a bright star on the world's stage.
To celebrate Hoshimachi Suisei's 5th anniversary, we have created a "Stellar Stellar" tribute MV, as a part of the "Hoshimachi Suisei 5th Anniversary Project" in Hong Kong. The MV combines a storyline with Cantonese lyrics, illustrating the process of how Hoshimachi Suisei created the song "Stellar Stellar", and reviewing how she overcame all the difficulties and hardship before becoming the shining star that we all know today.
With this tribute MV, and other celebration events, we would like to wish the diligent and persistent Hoshimachi Suisei all the best.

To our Brightest Star -