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Hoshiyomi's Commemorative Book Generator

We have prepared 6 page designs for the commemorative book. Hoshiyomis can fill in the content and submit your work.
Chinese and Japanese versions of the template are also available for Hoshiyomis from other countries and regions. If needed, please change the language by clicking the upper right hand corner on this site.
It is suggested to use Japanese template for writing the commemorative book if you are proficient in Japanese.

After your submission has been approved after review, it will be published on the website together with all other submissions as a public display. Under the feasibility of budget and the permission from Cover Corporation, the commemorative book will be physically delivered on hand to Sui-Chan. Your submission equals to consent to such purpose.

Your contribution will be accepted from 27th February, 2023 to 22nd April, 2023.
Please finish your submission before 23:59 on 15th March, 2023 if you would like your submission being presented on the website on the day of Sui-Chan's 5th Anniversary.

  1. The event is active from 27th February, 2023 to 22nd April, 2023. All submission received after the specified date will not be considered.
  2. The image will be reviewed, following the criteria mentioned below that you shall follow when submitting:
    • The submitted commemorative book content contains no offensive words, symbols or any forms of expression that causes nuisance or harassment to anybody.
  3. Submitted content will be translated from English to Japanese; participation of the event is seen as consent of agreement in translation.
  4. If controversy arise, the Hong Kong Virtual Idol Fanatics shall reserve all rights and remedies.

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